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Motorpsycho - Lobotomizer, VOW026c, 1991

Recorded december 1990 at Warehouse, Oslo. Features "Killer" on drums. The first 1000 copies pressed have lyrics on the cover and 100 of them have inlay-poster. 1.Lobotomizer recorded at Studentradioen march 1991 2.Grinder 3.Hogwash 4.Home Of The Brave 5.Frances 6.Wasted 7.Eternity recorded at Studentradioen march 1991 8.TFC

Motorpsycho - Soothe

EP released on vinyl-only. All these songs are also on "8 soothing..." The A-side is 45-rpm. and the B-side 33-rpm. 100 copies have iron-cover. 1.Lighthouse Girl 2.Sister Confusion 3.The Wait 4.Step Inside 5.We All Float Down Here Too! the mix is different here comparing to the "Soothe"-version 6.California Dreamin'

Motorpsycho - 3 Songs For Rut

1.Have Fun 2.Loaded 3.Some Real Mindfunk

Motorpsycho - 8 Soothing Songs For Rut, VOW027c, 1992

Recorded january and july 1992 at Brygga Studios, Trondheim. The last 6 tracks were originally released as the vinyl-only mini album "Soothe" in may1992. 1.Have Fun 2.Loaded 3.Lighthouse Girl 4.Sister Confusion 5.The Wait 6.Step Inside 7.We All Float Down Here Too! this mix is different comparing to the "Soothe"-version 8.California Dreamin'

Motorpsycho - Demon Box, VOW030c, 1993

Recorded december 1992 at Brygga Studios, Trondheim. This is the CD-version. The LP-version is a double-LP. The vinyl-edition has 3 more songs. 1.Waiting For The One 2.Nothing To Say 3.Feedtime 4.Sunchild 5.Tuesday Morning 6.All Is Loneliness a cover of Janis Joplin 7.Come On In 8.Step Inside Again 9.Demon Box 10.Babylon 11.Junior 12.Plan #1 13.Sheer Profoundity 14.The One Who Went Away

Motorpsycho - Demon Box, VOW030, 1993

Recorded december 1992 at Brygga Studios, Trondheim. This is a double lp. 1.Waiting For The One 2.Nothing To Say 3.Feedtime 4.Gutwrench 5.Sunchild 6.Mountain 7.Tuesday Morning 8.All Is Loneliness 9.Come On In 10.Step Inside Again 11.Demon Box 12.Babylon 13.Mr.Who 14.Junior 15.Plan #1 16.Sheer Profoundity 17.The One Who Went Away

Motorpsycho - Mountain EP, VOW031, 1993

Recorded december 28.-31. may 1993 at Brygga Studios, Trondheim. 1.Mountain this track is also on Demon Box vinyl-edition 2.Fleshharrower deathprod. on vocals 3.The House At Pooneil Corners a cover 4.Viscount GriSnah 5.Sister Confusion (confused version)

Motorpsycho - Another Ugly EP, VOW038, 1994

Recorded 1992-93-94 at Brygga Studios, Trondheim. There is a hidden track after Summertime Is Here. 1.Another Ugly Tune 2.Watching You a Kiss-cover 3.She Used To Be A Twin 4.Blueberry Daydream (daydream version) 5.Summertime Is Here is sung by it's writer Larry Lux Llydwlin

Motorpsycho - Promotor1 EMI 1994

1.Leave it like that (edit) 2.Now it's time to skate (album version) 3.Working For MCA

Motorpsycho - Timothy's Monster, EMI 7243 8310792, 1994

Recorded winter and spring 1994 at Brygga Studios, Trondheim. This album is a 2cd and 3lp. The vinyls are numbered and only 2000 are released. Bent Saether has number 1. There's a drawing on the 6th lp-side. 1.Feel recorded on a 4-track summer 94 2.Trapdoor Bent plays the drums (gebhardt was on vacation), gebhardt plays banjo 3.Leave It Like That 4.A Shrug & A Fistful 5.Kill Some Day one of Bents favourite songs from the album 6.On My Pillow a song written and sung by Snah 7.Beatiful Sister 8.Wearing Yr Smell 9.Now It's Time To Skate was written summer 1992 10.Giftland 11.Watersound Bents favorite track from the album 12.The Wheel a song they wrote on tour, the mainriff was "written in Koln, Germany 13.Sungravy 14.GrindStone the only song with metal-vocal on this album 15.The Golden Core according to Bent this is one of their best songs up to date, it has Anneli Drecker of Bel Canto on backing vocal

Motorpsycho - The Tussler, dBUT 015, 1994

Apparently Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Italian film, The Tussler. A country album with alternate versions of old songs and new songs. Only 977 CD copies released in Norway with orange plastic and 980 CDs with green plastic (Indigo GmbH, Hamburg) released in Germany. There may be 500 vinyl-copies released in Germany only. 1.Theme From The Tussler 2.Six Days On The Road 3.Frances 4.Babylon 5.I Know You Rider 6.Hogwash 7.The Tussler (Slight Return) 8.SonnyBoy Gaybar 9.Sunchild 10.Waiting For The One 11.A Memory

Motorpsycho - Psychobabble, EMI 7243 8660092, 1994

1.Wearing Yr Smell 2.President Block Deathprod. sings on this song an Epinastic Movements (a band from Trondheim also) cover 3.Junior different version of the Demon Box song 4.Birds 5.Leave It Like That (edit)


Motorpsycho/Hedge Hog - Splitsingle, Helter Skelter Records HS93CDS31

1.Into The Sun (Motorpsycho) 2.Surprise (Hedge Hog)

Various - Voices Of Wonder A Copilation, VOW 036, 1994

Some Real Mindfunk was also on the Subbacultcha compilation. Motorpsycho: Nothing To Say, Some Real Mindfunk, Home Of The Brave (live)

Various - Party Terror II, LSKRBK 01, 1994

Motorpsycho: Space Cadet Boogie

Various - Rock Furore #3

Motorpsycho - Sheer Proufoundity (Death Mix)

Various - Comin' Down Fast, HS93CD17

Motorpsycho - some Grateful Dead cover

Various - Flaming Youth

Motorpsycho/Dag Ingebrigtsen - Shock Me

Deathprod Discography:

Origami/Deathprod - Lat att grinda, dBUT014 CD

Deathprod - Treetop drive, Metal Art Disco MAD 004, 1994

1.Treetop Drive 1 2.Treetop Drive 2 3.Treetop Drive 3 4.Towboat And there are rumours about Deathprod. producing the next Albino Slug-album.

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