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Motorpsycho are
currently on an European tour. (40-50 gigs)

Here's some of the dates:

5 april : Nijmegen, Doornroosje
6 april : Eindhoven, Effenaar 

7 april : Roermond,  Azijnfabriek 

8 april : Den Haag, Paard

9 april
: Groningen, Vera

14 april : Utrecht,  Vloer 

15 april : Dordrecht, Bibelot

And they will play this
year's Dynamo Open Air Festival, Eindhoven

It's expected up to 100 000 people to come there.

Motorpsycho are:

Various Information/Trivia:

They played the unreleased song "Flick Of The Wrist" (live, aas) on RoxRevyen some months ago. Motorpsycho did two more unreleased songs when they "supported" L7 in dec.94. Motorpsycho's manager is Cecilie Lykke!!! "Killer" Kjell Runar Jensen (drummer on Lob.) now plays in the garagerock-band Swammiis. Motorpsycho are from Norway. Bent is from Snåsa, Gebhardt is from Tromsø and Snah is from Levanger. Not likely to happen: Detroit Dogs: Bent - Guitar, Snah - Bass, Sverre (HedgeHog) - Guitar, Morten (HedgeHog) - Vocals and Steffen (HedgeHogs ex-drummer). They were only playing Stooges and MC5, did 3 concerts and planned some EP that didn't happen. Most of their coverdesigns are performed by Kim Hiorthoy Snah has played with Per Helge Taraldsen(BoyToy) in the band Pestilence. Bent once cancelled a concert and went to a Grateful Dead-concert instead (Stockholm). They recorded 5-6 new songs in Oslo in february. Motorpsychodelic Trips Voice Of Wonder P.O. Box 2640 THV Meyersgt. 33 7001 TRONDHEIM 0555 OSLO NORWAY NORWAY

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